SLEEVZ Original Instructional Video

Check out how to wear your SLEEVZ here: The more you wear SLEEVZ it will become second nature, it does have a slight learning curve at the beginning but once you get it, trust us, it's worth it!   If you have any questions please email us at



Step 1: Begin by holding the mask up and forming the adjustable nose grip to your nose. 

Step 2: Slide the SLEEVZ onto the arms/temples of eyewear. 

Step 3: Go ahead and put your eyewear on and be sure to adjust the nose grip one more time (We recommend sliding your fingers from the bridge of your nose to your outer cheek bones for a tight seal (this is very important). 

Step 4: Slide SLEEVZ back on the arms/temples of eyewear.  This allows for a tight seal on upper cheeks and under eyes.  A key step to eliminating fog.

Step 5: Grab bottom corners of mask, adjust magnets up or down for desired fit.   

Step 6: Bring the magnets forward and engage them, then pull below your chin (It can help to hold the nose grip in place while simultaneously pulling below chin).   Make sure not to pull too far back, the bottom of mask will sit just under your chin.   You will know to stop pulling as soon as mask becomes hooks under chin.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: For small spectacles, frameless eyewear or narrow temples use SLEEVZ Stoppers (included with your order).   If this is the case, just slide the SLEEVZ Stoppers on to the arms/temples of eyewear and then continue with STEP 1 above.   The SLEEVZ Stoppers have slits that slide onto temples of eyewear (Watch video and see image below for correct application).  


  • To eliminate fog, you must make sure the nose grip is formed to your nose and upper cheeks by pressing firmly AND you must also make sure the SLEEVZ are pulled back on temples or arms of eyewear this creates a seal that stops your glasses from fogging. 
  • Depending on the shape of your glasses, it can help to rest your eyewear nose pads on top of the mask.  
  • After you engage the magnets, it can help to take one hand and secure nose grip while you use the other hand to pull down the bundle of magnets below your chin.
  • After engaging the magnets, as you pull down you want to stop just behind the chin when it feels secure, it's important not to pull back too far as this could cause the mask to disengage.