About Us

SLEEVZ was founded by husband and wife team, Scott Joe & Julie Bernstein, that had struggled with wearing glasses and a mask and were just plain annoyed with the shortfalls of standard face masks.   Back in March of 2020 they went to the drawing board to design a better mask, one that worked with eyewear, was actually comfortable, eliminated tugging on ears, was versatile, fun and stylish.   After several months of R&D, 100s of samples, testing all kinds of fabrics and many sleepless nights the couple created SLEEVZ.   SLEEVZ strives to make life easier for those wearing glasses and a mask.   

AND, as Scott Joe would say "even if you don't wear prescription glasses or  eyewear on a daily basis, you should be covering your eyes for greater protection, since your eyes have mucus membranes just like your nose and mouth, that are just as susceptible to airborne viruses." 

SLEEVZ Founders, Julie & Scott Joe - photo taken by Erin Nelson for Village Living article 10.29.2020
Image from Village Living, taken by Erin Nelson